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Fill out our Claim Calculator to receive an estimated value of your case and more!

  • I received over $300,000 when my case settled.
  • My case was too big to handle on my own, but the folks at the Claim Calculator put me in touch with a local attorney who settled my case for $1 million. Thank you !!
  • After finding out what my case was worth, I received a settlement of $450,000.
  • I let my lazy lawyer go but hired one referred by Jaime’s Claim Calculator. That lawyer got me a settlement of $1 million. Whether you want good advice or a good referral, these people know how to help !
  • The Claim Calculator helped me settle for $39,500 – far more than I was originally expecting.
  • My husband suffered a mild brain injury in an accident. After going to the Claim Calculator, we were able to settle the case for $195,000.
  • My case settled for $90,000. Thank you Claim Calculator for your help.
  • My case was worth more than I thought so I asked for a referral to a local attorney. I was pleasantly surprised to find I was referred to the best lawyer in Michigan (top jury verdicts for past 6 years). My case settled for $95,000 – much more than I ever thought I’d receive.
  • Once I found out how much my case was worth, I was able to collect the full insurance policy limits of $100,000. Thanks goes to the Claim Calculator.
  • I was not getting anywhere with the adjuster until I found out how much my claims were worth! It settled for $152,000 after going to the Claim Calculator.
  • Simply put: this Calculator is the best. My case settled for the $100,000 policy limits of my UIM (under-insured) policy).
  • My motorcycle accident just settled for $75,000 – the Claim Calculator was right on the money.
  • My boyfriend and I settled our cases for $370,000. This Claim Calculator works!!
  • I had no idea what my claim was worth – until I contacted the Claim Calculator. Armed with this critical information, I settled for $140,000.
  • After I came to the Claim Calculator and spoke to the nice attorney there, my daughter was able to get the insurance company to pay the full $300,000 policy limits and also the $25,000 UIM policy limits. Home run!!
  • Full insurance policy limits of $100,000. Thank you to the people at Claim Calculator.
  • I was a pedestrian hit in a crosswalk. I sought help from the Claim Calculator website and ultimately settled my case for $500,000.
  • I suffered a neck injury from a car accident. The Claim Calculator pointed me in the right direction and I was able to settle my case for $100,000.
  • With the Claim Calculator providing accurate information I was able to settle my case for the $250,000 insurance policy limits.
  • My car accident case settled for $70,000.
  • I sustained a mild brain injury in a car accident, but had no idea how much the case was worth. Luckily, I found the Claim Calculator and then I was able to get $500,000 for my injuries.
  • I was injured in a car accident and the insurance company was jerking me around for months. Once I discovered the Claim Calculator I was able to settle my case for the full insurance limits of $100,000.
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