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What Should An Attorney Do For Me?

In general, any attorney experienced in handling personal injury claims should: Save you time by doing the work for you; handle the legal aspects of the claim that you may not be familiar with; look out for and protect your…

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How Do I Evaluate An Attorney?

When in need of an attorney, most people ask friends and family for referrals. Some ask their doctor or local repair shop. These are not the best ways to find the most experienced attorney. The key is to find an…

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Why Should I Talk To An Attorney?

If you consult with a reputable local attorney, the consultation will be free with no obligation. You will find out why it makes a difference who pays for your vehicle repair, medical bills, or income loss. You are probably not…

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What Claims Can I Make?

Medical Bills You are entitled to recover the amount of the medical bills. If PIP, MedPay, your health insurance, or Medicare, etc. paid some or all of your medical bills, usually the at-fault party’s insurance company will “reimburse” these entities…

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What Are My Claims Really Worth?

There is no precise formula for determining the value of a claim. Value depends on several factors, including the following: How much property damage is involved (indicates severity of accident)? Were you transported by ambulance? How much in medical bills…

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